Baixing Chen

Interested in game design. Focusing on interactive design in Parsons School of Design. Exploring different kinds of gameplay through installation differ from traditional gameplay in both Unity and Processing.

︎Contact: @cbx.shing@gmail.com 

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Baixing Chen

Hi, I am Eddie Baixing Chen. Focusing on interactive installation in Parsons. Researches lies on emotion
and immersive experience. Also have some experience on Unity game design.

︎Contact: @cbx.shing@gmail.com

︎︎︎About me



Drawing Tin-Can

Gourp member: Eddie Baixing Chen, JinxinLi April


we are going to build an installation that cooperate tin can telephone with sound microphone sensor, tilt sensor and pir motion infraed human body sensor. We will connect these sensors by using the WI-FI module. For the visual part, we will use the processing to design the effects that could interact with the sensors. Here are the images of the sensors and model of the tin can telephone:

Tin Can Telephone:



  • Tilt sensor

  • Sound microphone sensor

  • Cardboard(use to make tin can telephone and others packaging devices)

  • Processing

  • Thread(use to connect with the tin can telephone)

  • etc.

Write Up
  • An explanation of your device. What it does, how it works.

Our device it’s a cooperate tin can telephone device. One player can speak through the speaker and send both voice and video message to another player. Each speaker contains with a voice sensor, by detecting the voice it will create some shapes on processing.The device also contains an ultrasonic sensor to refresh the canvas and tilt sensor to send the phone call.

Eddie Baixing Chen