Baixing Chen

Interested in game design. Focusing on interactive design in Parsons School of Design. Exploring different kinds of gameplay through installation differ from traditional gameplay in both Unity and Processing.

︎Contact: @cbx.shing@gmail.com 

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Game Design-------

︎︎︎ Go Tangible!

︎︎︎ La Maison des Tulipes

︎︎︎ Take Me Back

︎︎︎ BetMe

Fun Side Projects---

Art Work & Installation-----

︎︎︎ Reconciliation

︎︎︎ Storage

︎︎︎ Lifeverything

︎︎︎ Drawing Tin-Can

︎︎︎ “Role”


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Baixing Chen

Hi, I am Eddie Baixing Chen. Focusing on interactive installation in Parsons. Researches lies on emotion
and immersive experience. Also have some experience on Unity game design.

︎Contact: @cbx.shing@gmail.com

︎︎︎About me


La Maison des Tulipes

Itch.io link to playhttps://edcbaix.itch.io/la-maison-des-tulipes

Team: Zhijun Song, Eddie Baixing Chen

Control: ASD(direction), Space(jumping), Pressed "F" to open and grab objects.

In this project, we are planning to do a room-escaping platformer game. Player can control the character to collect items, reading things, interacting with items in the game. Player need to find out how to escape from the room by finding details in each room.

This is the beginning scene of this game, try to move your mouse around and find how to get into the next scene.

Other play scenes image:

Based on the research we did online, we started to draw our prototype. We actually want this game to be smooth and not horror, so our UI style is not sharp but cute and smooth like this:

Eddie Baixing Chen