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Interested in game design. Focusing on interactive design in Parsons School of Design. Exploring different kinds of gameplay through installation differ from traditional gameplay in both Unity and Processing.

︎Contact: @cbx.shing@gmail.com 

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Baixing Chen

Hi, I am Eddie Baixing Chen. Focusing on interactive installation in Parsons. Researches lies on emotion
and immersive experience. Also have some experience on Unity game design.

︎Contact: @cbx.shing@gmail.com

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This project is about generative simulation. Based on Newton's law of gravity, we know there are forces between things, from astronomical objects to dust, there are forces between each other. I was thinking when dust accumulates as much as it can, then it will form in anything as it wants. The dust will consist of different kinds of shape and that shape was simulated by dust consistency and used in the projection to project it in the room. Besides, I also capture the pattern from the tree, and I am trying to combine the pattern into the dust and see what shapes it will be.
My inspiration is from my glasses. One day when I drowsed in my room, facing the sunshine, I felt peaceful and chill. Then when I took of my glasses and I found there is some dust stick on my glasses, I started to think about what if dust have their own life how do they look like? As the dust is so tiny that it doesn't accumulate, we generally don't notice it, and then I thought about whether we humans are equivalent to particles to the entire earth, and the earth is only a particle relative to the entire universe. It is just one of the particles, and it is precisely because these particles are piled up that they form various shapes, just as each star moves or even gathers in the universe, so the universe appears not so empty, but rather vibrant. The earth appears to be alive because of the aggregation of "particles" such as humans and even other creatures. On the other hand, in the world of dust and particles, a single dust/particle can't attract our attention. It is because they all gather together, and even they float in the air of nature, causing wind, snow, rain and dew in nature. We only notice their existence.

I started to do my research about the dust, I found there are different kinds of shapes that the dust can be shaped, which is flexible. 

Technical & Assumption
I think of a lot of ways of expression in this project. First I am going to use the projection to show the animation in my room. For the animation part, I think I am going to use the Touchdesigner. After making the animation, I will use the projector as the media to play the animation in the room, since if it is only played on the screen, the effects will be simple. I also will combine the structure in my room. For instance, there are some corners in my room and I hope that the animation will cooperate with the corners and show different effects. Second way of solution that I think in this project was using the distance sensors to control the animation, which I am thinking of if it is possible to make an interactive installation. When the user gets close to the distance sensor, then the animation will play fast, when the user gets away from the sensor.

The first element that I simulated was the fish-storm.



Bark: I starting with the dots on the bark, which I thought if the dots on the bark is flow then what it be supposed to be like:

Eddie Baixing Chen