Baixing Chen

Interested in game design. Focusing on interactive design in Parsons School of Design. Exploring different kinds of gameplay through installation differ from traditional gameplay in both Unity and Processing.

︎Contact: @cbx.shing@gmail.com 

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Game Design-------

︎︎︎ Go Tangible!

︎︎︎ La Maison des Tulipes

︎︎︎ Take Me Back

︎︎︎ BetMe

Fun Side Projects---

Art Work & Installation-----

︎︎︎ Reconciliation

︎︎︎ Storage

︎︎︎ Lifeverything

︎︎︎ Drawing Tin-Can

︎︎︎ “Role”


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Baixing Chen

Hi, I am Eddie Baixing Chen. Focusing on interactive installation in Parsons. Researches lies on emotion
and immersive experience. Also have some experience on Unity game design.

︎Contact: @cbx.shing@gmail.com

︎︎︎About me


Go Tangible! (Group project)

Group members: Yuqing Liang(Lia), Yibo Fu(Bob), Baixing Chen(Eddie)

Hey ya! It's the harvest season for fruits again! Have fun collecting whatever falls on the ground but keep in mind that your goal is to collect as many seeds as you can in 1 minute~

Control the balance board to move the hole left, right, forward and backward. Be aware that some fruit might not have as many seeds as the others, so definitely needs some strategy to manage your time. 

⚠️ Safety warning: we recommend you practice with the balance board first and then move your attention to the game itself after you're familiar with the board.

Install instructions
To play the game, you need to DIY a tangible control.

1. Download the Arduino code from the files

2. Check you Arduino port name, it's usually at the bottom right corner of your Arduino window

3. Change line31 in the unity script "SerialController" into your Arduino port name

4. connect your Arduino board with open jumper tilt module(OJ- CG316)

5. stick the sensor onto the edge of your balance board.

6. Stretch your body before you begin to avoid cramping.

Tangible control 
Balance board --control the hole’s direction, Spin board---Time counter/pick the hole’s shape to fit only the right shape’s falling objects, pressure sensor.

Fully use Physics: Gravity, No

Eddie Baixing Chen